About Pug Nanny

Pug Nanny is a 24/7 caring service for your beloved pug(s) while you are away on vacation as an alternative to boarding at kennels or having short home visits. Whether you’re just leaving town for one night, a weekend or even weeks at a time, we will offer a service to look after your pug(s) as if it was one of our own.
it is important that a pug carer is experienced and has all the resources and expertise that the brachycephalic breeds (flat nosed breeds) require. Pug Nanny will provide you with an exclusive service, carefully assessing your requirements in order to look after your pug(s) in the best way possible.
Pug Nanny will keep your pug(s) to their usual routine and eating habits as much as possible, whilst providing a homely and loving environment until your return home. Pug Nanny encourages a healthy pug lifestyle, ensuring the appropriate amount of walkies suited for each individual pug.
Pug Nanny is an excellent solution for your pug(s) as they thrive on routine and interaction. Your pug(s) may find boarding at a kennel, or being limited to having only short daily home visits, extremely stressful whilst you are away as they love being around people and ideally shouldn’t be left alone for many hours at a time.

Why Pug Nanny
  24/7 personalised care

  Economical choice

Avoiding the stress of kennel stays

  Experienced pug carer

Maintaining daily routine / eating habits

  Homely & loving environment

  Daily walkies

  Emergency vet on call

For booking your pug(s) a pleasant stay with Pug Nanny please submit your details
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Mobile:   Pug Name:  
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Please note that before booking your pug(s) stay with Pug Nanny, they must have a fully up-to-date vaccination record, have been recently de-wormed and should have received a kennel cough vaccination.
Costs per pug
(Special Introductory Pricing)

24 hours

150 dhs
12 hours (sleep-over)

75 dhs
Booking for 3+ days

135 dhs (per day)
Bookings for 7+ days

125 dhs (per day)

Exclusive 10% discount
for Dubai Pug Club Membership Card Holders

Pug Nanny Price
Match Guarantee

If you find a lower priced Professional Dog Minding Service in the UAE that provides the same level of 24/7 personalized care and attention for your pug - we will match it.

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